New! With Art!

Hi everybody,

I don't know if anyone's interested in Paul Reubens or Pee-wee Herman, so I'll post fanart of both, if that's okay. ^^;
I like drawing, or at least trying to be creative. And Pee-wee/Paul has popped up a lot lately.
I am happy. And I wanted to share my happiness with people that actually enjoy the man and his creativity (as opposed to my friends and family, who think I'm insane).

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Okee dokee then. I'll go jump for glee elsewhere now!
Can't wait for Area 52.... xD

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MMPPP - Pink Pearl Voice

Hey Everybody!

DixiePee-WeeMiss Yvonne

I made a few avatar dolls and icons. You can find them HERE. I don't post them to show off my mad graphics skills(because I really don't have any); I post them because I believe in sharing. Okay?

Also, let's welcome our newest member, Junolovesmars , with votes and a great feeling of synergy! AHHHHHHH!!!
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