MMPPP - Pink Pearl Voice

Your Wish is Granted! Long Live Jambi!

You wish for it and your mod will grant it! As per batkisses's wish, now if you want to also be stamped as both a human and a non human you may! The application has been changed slightly to allow this. If any of you who have been stamped wish to take advantage of this, you may reapply without waiting for 3 weeks. Just specify on your application like this: "I was stamped as _____, and I love it, but I'm also wondering what I'd be if I was a non-human(or human character) in the playhouse." This is all explained on the Magic Screen!

When you are stamped, you will be denoted for both characters on the Stamped Members List!

For a listing of who is classified as human and non-human see the character guide. If you beg to differ on a few of the characters, please tell me about it.
MMPPP - Pink Pearl Voice


Stamped List!
ainohimeliz, as Miss Yvonne
sk_chan, as Magic Screen
princesspolaris, as Mr. Kite
batkisses, as Pee-Wee Herman
lauren5678, as Pee-Wee Herman
little_nimue, as Pterri
iheartjareth, as Globey

I did my best on the stamps...I don't have mad graphics skills but that doesn't mean I love you any less! I'll keep at making new/better stamps, but for now, please accept them as they are.